All-State Auditions

LMEA sponsors All-State Ensembles for outstanding high school musicians. These ensembles perform at LMEA’s Annual Professional Development Conference held in November. Selected students have the opportunity to perform under nationally recognized ensemble directors.


  • 9th – 12th grade students
  • Student’s ensemble director must be a current LMEA member
  • Student’s auditioning must be enrolled in a Louisiana-accredited high school and must be an active member of that school’s ensemble program. In a situation where there is no ensemble in the school, the student must be certified by the eligible music teacher at that school or private teacher who is an LMEA member.
  • Students are eligible for membership in one All-State group. *A member of Women’s Chorale may participate in Convert Band, Symphonic Band, OR Jazz Ensembles as long as rehersal and performance schedules do not conflict.

Concert Band

1st Round All-State & District Honor Band Auditions

2nd Round Auditions

Audition Requirements:

  • Scales – All twelve major scales and the chromatic scale must be played in the order and with the articulation found on the All-State Scale Sheets. (30% of score)
  • Percussion will also need the 4-Mallet Exercise Sheet, which contains all four exercise sets.
    • 2017-18 will be using Set II
    • 2018-19 will be using Set III
    • 2019-20 will be using Set IV
  • Prepared Selections – There is a four year rotation consisting of one slow and one fast selection. (40% of score)
    • Note: Percussion audition includes requirements on melodics, snare, and tympani.
    • 2017-18 will be using Set II
  • Sight-Reading – All students will sight read a short selection. (30% of score)

Audition Results:

  • Results will be posted on the All-State Results Page as soon as possible once they are finalized ro all ensembles requiring wind and percussion players.
  • Assignment to symphonic band, concert band, and orchestra is based on total score.
    • Note: Seniors have a choice between band and orchestra.
  • Ties will be broken in the following order:
    1. The sight reading score
    2. The scale score
    3. The prepared material score
    4. Coin Toss
  • Additional information can be found in the LMEA Handbook.

Jazz Band

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